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We're making email and workplace communications more intelligent, so teams can focus on what matters.

2.5 billion
people send

200+ billion
emails every day

(source: Radicati Group 2015)

Your inbox should be smarter

With so many emails sent from inbox to inbox, the experience should be getting more intelligent. There’s more valuable data in email than any other workplace tool, and this data is ripe for analysis and automation. 

And the time for this automation is now. Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, enable Astro to bring improvements to email that weren’t possible even a few years ago.

AI will change how we email

Your inbox should tell you what to focus on, remind you when something has slipped through the cracks, and get everything else out of your way. It should connect to other tools and work smoothly across platforms. It should be modern and dare-we-say fun. This is what we’re building at Astro.

We’re on a mission to enable people and teams to focus on what’s most important by bringing intelligence to workplace communication.

Meet the Astro team

In 2015, our co-founders came back together, after working together at Zimbra, Yahoo, VMWare and LinkedIn. We’re now a growing team based in Palo Alto, excited about the potential of artificial intelligence to improve email and workplace communications. We’re supported by a great team of advisors and investors and raised a $10 million Series A from investors including Redpoint Ventures, Harrison Metal, Aspect Ventures, and Upside Partnership.

Roland was co-founder of Zimbra (acquired by Yahoo for $350M); co-founder & CTO of mobile-messaging company Mumbo (acquired by LinkedIn); founding engineer at Onebox.com (acquired by Phone.com for $850M) and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Redpoint Ventures.

Andy was on the founding business team at Zimbra (acquired by Yahoo for $350M), closing the first 7-figure sale of its collaboration software; and at Onebox.com (acquired by Phone.com for $850M). His favorite astronaut is Loren Acton, and his favorite Jetson is Uniblab.

Ross was co-founder of Zimbra (acquired by Yahoo for $350M); cofounder of mobile-messaging company Mumbo (acquired by LinkedIn); founding engineer at Onebox.com (acquired for $850M by Phone.com); and is a principal at investment firm Volt Ventures. We think his favorite Jetson is Mr. Spacely.

San was a founder of LinkedIn flagship infrastructure team where he led a team of rockstar engineers to build iOS and Android apps, as well as API server infrastructure. San was one of the key players in rewriting LinkedIn’s flagship iOS and Android apps in 2015. In his previous life, San was a lead architect for Yahoo! Mail.

A 20+ year technology veteran, Jim was the VP of Worldwide Sales at Zimbra (acquired by Yahoo! for $350M) where he led Zimbra’s growth from zero to thousands of enterprise and service provider customers.  Most recently, Jim was the CEO of Piston Cloud Computing (acquired by Cisco) and President of SourceClear.  Jim thinks that Mr. Spacely treated George fairly.

Vishwesh previously worked at Microsoft Outlook, Acompli (acquired by Microsoft), Quickoffice (acquired by Google), Azingo (acquired by Motorola) and Good Technologies (acquired by Motorola). He has his own theatre group where he produces/directs theatre dramas, and he is also very active in spreading STEM education and loves teaching robotics to kids.

Natalia previously established and led the Customer Success team at Appfluence. She was born in Kazakhstan (hi from Borat), she earned her second Master’s in the Netherlands, and was also a finalist at the World Salsa Championship. Her favorite astronaut is Yuri Gagarin, the first human is space.

Anthony was previously an Android team lead at Google, co-founder of Spotivate, an AngelPad e-commerce startup, and developer at Yahoo & Zimbra. His favorite astronaut is Buzz Lightyear.

Yuichi is an experienced full-stack developer who was previously at LinkedIn, Mumbo, VMware, Openwave.

Parag is a lead mobile and front-end developer who was previously at LinkedIn, Mumbo, Zimbra.

Zach was previously lead UX Designer at Moov, maker of fitness wearables. He is an avid climber, double backflipper, and former photographer. Zach’s favorite “astronaut” is Wall-E.

Ian is a front-end and mobile developer with previous positions at Cisco and Qualcomm. His favorite astronaut is Yuri Gagarin simply because he was the first to go to space.

Aashay was most recently an Entrepreneur In Residence at Tandem Capital, where he worked on a chatbot project for local business appointment bookings. Prior to that, he led growth and new business development efforts at a diamond jewelry company. His favorite (fictional) astronaut is Mark Watney.

Lay is an experienced backend developer who was previously on the platform engineering team at Xoom, a PayPal service, and a senior developer at Rearden Commerce.

Faisal is a DevOps engineer with expertise in managing highly scalable systems including for social networking, messaging and ecommerce.

Mithlesh is an experienced iOS developer who previously worked at Helpshft, Symantec, and Accenture. His favorite astronaut is Kalpana Chawla.

Kaustubh is an Android & backend engineer who loves to learn new technologies and ship things quickly.

Peter is an experienced iOS engineer from the midwest with a background in mobile application consulting. He’s also the creator of the popular SlackKit, a universal Swift framework for building Slack apps. His favorite astronaut is Neil Armstrong.

Jamie has experience developing highly distributed systems during several years at LinkedIn. An alum of the University of Waterloo Computer Engineering program, he also designed multimedia content management systems and mobile messaging platforms at Cisco and Olson Canada, respectively.

Moiz is an experienced backend engineer who previously worked at Helpshift, TIBCO, Progress, and IBM.

Madhu is a full-stack developer who previously worked on the Office 365 team at Microsoft. Prior to Microsoft, he was cofounder & CTO of a startup developing a universal inbox, and of an e-commerce company. His favorite astronaut is Marvin, the paranoid Android from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Pratik is an experienced iOS/ Swift Developer who previously worked at HooFit and Synerzip. His favorite astronaut is Wall-E.

Harshad is an experienced data scientist who loves building simple and usable machine learning models. Previously he headed machine learning team at a startup in advertising technology. When not spending time with Python and his emacs console, Harshad loves reading science fiction. His favorite astronaut is Captain Vyom.

Paresh is an experienced backend engineer who previously worked at Cisco, Symantec and ScaleArc. He has experience working on scalable systems. While not coding, Paresh likes to watch sci-fi movies. His favourite astronaut is C-3PO.

Vivek is a backend developer who has previously worked with Citibank, Morgan Stanley and Olacabs. His favorite astronaut is Buzz.

Ninad is a DevOps Engineer who previously worked at Microsoft Outlook and SAP. When not feverishly typing away at the terminal, he spends time on a carousel of hobbies including reading, playing music and photography. His favorite astronaut is Burn-E.

Before joining Astro, Hemant worked at Microsoft for 7 years. In his free time, he likes to read books and manga and watch movies. His favorite astronaut is Rocket Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Raja previously worked as a Software Architect at Mobikon, where he built a platform for customer engagement, customer acquisition, and upscaling for hospitality business. He’s built products that have engaged over 3000+ B2B clients, including HRC, Shakey’s, and PizzaHut. His favourite astronaut is Wall-E.

Vanessa previously worked at Sonos, providing customer service and support. In her free time, she enjoys photography, going to the movies, and attending concerts. Her favorite astronaut is John Glenn.

Amber has enjoyed working at start ups and tech giants alike. She likes yoga, running, and learning about random things. Sally Ride is her favorite astronaut.

Astrobot was brought to life in 2016 by the Astro team. Astrobot loves helping people clean up their inbox, writing code, and dancing (the robot, obviously). Astrobot’s favorite astronauts are Rosie Jetson and R2-D2.

Our Investors

Our Core Values

Accountability & Ownership

We each take responsibility for our work, do what it takes for Astro to succeed, and approach everything with dedication, pride, and integrity.

Mutual Respect & Commitment

We can disagree, but when a decision
is made we all commit. We respect each others’ opinions and recognize that diversity of experience helps us excel.

Enthusiasm & Resilience

We bring positive energy and passion to our work—even when there are bumps in the road—and we celebrate wins as a team.


Dedication to Excellence

We’re each committed to quality and hard work. We trust and depend on each other to do the same.

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