Meet your new email assistant

Astrobot is available in Astro’s email apps on iOS, Android, and Mac–and on Slack and Amazon Alexa.

End inbox overload with Insights from Astrobot

Never miss an important message

It can be hard to prioritize and follow up on emails on time, but Astrobot makes sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Get reminded to follow up on important emails, questions, time-specific requests, and @mentions.

A faster way to inbox zero

Astrobot helps you get fewer unimportant emails, and makes cleaning up your inbox painless.

Get suggestions about lists to unsubscribe from, emails to archive, and emails to move to folders. We call this “Zapping” your inbox because it’s a lightning-fast way to lower your inbox count.

Know what happens after you hit send

Track your emails and Astrobot will keep you informed.

You’ll see a new Insight when a tracked email gets opened, get a reminder to follow-up if no one responds by your selected time, and get an update when we send your scheduled email.

Just Ask Astrobot

Zap your inbox

Type “Zap” and Astrobot will help you tidy up your inbox right away–and help you get fewer emails later.

Ask Astrobot to unsubscribe, archive, delete, mark emails as read, automatically move emails to certain folders, and empty junk and trash.

Set quick reminders

Need to remember to schedule a meeting, place an order, or respond to someone, but don’t have time to do it now? Ask Astrobot to remind you later.

Set reminders using natural language, like “Remind me to take a break at 3:30 PM”

More to try...

Astrobot is designed to help you discover commands that make your day easier, and a bit more fun.

You can ask Astrobot hundreds of things including search, make folders, manage VIPs, roll the dice, help with an Astro feature, and more.

Astro is FREE for People and Teams

Download Astro’s Email and Calendar App available on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android.

Astrobot is also available in Slack and on Amazon Alexa.

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