5 ways to increase your productivity in 2018 with Astrobot in Slack

It’s the start of the year, which likely means you’re thinking about productivity and trying to catch up on missed communications and tasks as you get back to work. Astrobot can help!

Astrobot helps you stay top of important messages while in our email apps, but can also keep you focused while in Slack. If you spend a lot of time in Slack, add our Astrobot app to make Slack your new Priority Inbox. That way, you won’t have to switch back and forth between Slack and email a bunch of times a day or worry about missing an important email. 

Adding Astrobot to Slack creates a Private Channel for you and Astrobot. That channel becomes an intelligent email inbox where you can manage, read, and reply to emails. You can also use all the commands you’re used to in Astro’s email apps, like Unsubscribe, right from Slack.

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Here are 5 ways our Astrobot Slack app can help increase your productivity in 2018:

1. Limit distractions

Rather than get distracted every time an email newsletter arrives, choose to receive only Priority Emails in Slack. Astro uses machine learning to determine which emails and contacts are most important. After you add Astrobot to Slack, select Priority. On average, this eliminates 70% of email notifications–these non-priority emails will still be in your inbox, just under the Other tab in Astro’s email apps.


Slack Email Bot

2. Reply to emails right from Slack

Instead of wasting time switching over from Slack to email throughout your day, you can Archive, Delete, Mark as Read, and Reply to emails right from Slack with Astrobot. Simple time savings like these can add up to a lot more time to get work done.

3. Snooze until a better time

If an important email arrives that you don’t want to forget about, just Snooze it. We’ll remind you again in Slack at that time. And if a priority email comes in that you’d prefer to respond to from Astro’s Mac app, select “Snooze to Astro Desktop”. We’ll make sure the email is at the top of your inbox when you next open Astro.

4. Get follow-up reminders from Astrobot

Important Astrobot Insights, like follow-up reminders, come into Slack too. You’ll get reminded about questions and emails you might have missed that Astrobot identifies as important. Less worrying about missing something, means more time to focus on work.


5. Ask Astrobot for help

Astrobot responds to hundreds of commands, and the list is growing (in fact, we have exciting new natural language commands that will help you stay on top of your day coming in a couple weeks–stay tuned).

Our favorite is Zap. Type Zap and Astrobot will give you suggestions about what to unsubscribe from and what to archive. Getting fewer emails in the first place is a great time saver.



With Astrobot’s help in Slack and in our email apps, we hope 2018 is is the year inbox overload turns into inbox zen.

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