8 things to try before hitting send

Are you still sending emails the old way? With just a couple clicks, you can improve your email workflow, up your productivity, and keep your inbox clean. We recently launched Undo Send and a custom Astro send sound for iOS and Android, but there are a bunch of other Astro features that you can use to optimize your email workflow. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Undo Send
  • Custom Signatures
  • Reply Tracking
  • Open Tracking
  • Send Later
  • Archive after Send
  • Aliases
  • Send with Sound

Undo Send

Okay, this isn’t really something you do before hitting send, but it can save you after you’ve hit send. Just tap the banner that appears once you’ve sent your email (you’ll have this window of opportunity for ten seconds), and you can edit any mistakes you made.

(Not-so secret) Astro secret: this “undo” action works for any action in Astro. Delete or Snooze the wrong email? Just tap the colored banner at the bottom of your screen to reverse the action. You can learn more about Undo Send in our Help Center.

Undo Send

Custom Signatures

If you use a custom signature for work or just enjoy having one for your personal email, Astro has your back. Add links to your signatures on all devices, and add your company logo (or a picture of your dog) to your signature on Mac and Android (image support for signatures coming soon to iOS). To note, at this point, signatures don’t sync across devices, but if you’d like to voice support for this (or any other feature), let us know at feedback@helloastro.com.

To create a custom signature, go to Preferences/Settings > Accounts > Signatures. Learn more here.

Reply Tracking

If you need to know exactly when to follow up with a potential customer you sent a pitch deck to or a colleague you need to schedule a meeting with, use Reply Tracking. That way, Astrobot will remind you to if you don’t receive a response.

To track replies, select the “Track Replies” icon next to the send button. If the recipient hasn’t responded by the time you selected, keep an eye out for an Astrobot notification. You can learn more about Reply Tracking in our blog post and in our Help Center.

Open Tracking

Remember that potential customer you sent the pitch deck to? With Open Tracking, you can see exactly when they opened your email so you can follow up at the perfect time. Keep an eye out for a notification from Astrobot, as well as a green icon next to the the email in your Sent folder, to indicate that your recipient has read your email. This pairs nicely with Reply Tracking, as you’ll always know when to follow up.

You can track opens when you send a specific email, or turn it on for all of your emails in Settings > Compose. Get all the details in our blog post and in our Help Center.

Open tracking

Send Later

This feature was made for those of us who compose emails at 3:00AM, but don’t want everyone to know. With Send Later, write an email when it works for you and schedule the email to arrive at a time that works for the recipient.

To schedule an email, just tap the “Send Later” icon, select the perfect time to send your email, and it will be in your Outbox until that time. You can also customize your default Send Later (and Snooze) times if you find yourself always adjusting them. Learn more here.

Archive after Send

If you like to keep a tidy inbox, you’ve taken the first step by downloading Astro. But, here’s a pro-tip: to keep your inbox clean, enable Archive after Send. Like the name implies, when you send an email or reply to a thread, it will automatically go straight to Archive and won’t show up in your inbox.

To enable this feature, go to Preferences > Compose.


If you auto-forward emails from one account to another, you have an email alias. Not to worry, Astro won’t blow your cover. You can set up email aliases in Astro, and even add custom signatures for Aliases on Mac and Android (coming soon to iOS).

To set up an alias, go to Preferences/Settings > Account > Aliases. You can also learn more in our Help Center.

Send with Sound

While we’ve had this feature for a while on Android, we just added it to iOS. You now get the satisfaction of sending an email on mobile and hearing a sound straight from space.

Of course, you can turn this off or choose the default setting in Settings > Compose, if you like a quieter email sending experience. Learn more in our Help Center.

Undo Send

If there are other features that you’d like to see, let us know in the comments or send us (and maybe try out one of our send options when you do?) an email at feedback@helloastro.com.

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