Astro Lands on Android 🚀

For those of you who are new to our community (first of all, welcome 👋 ), we recently launched our first intelligent email apps (on Mac, iPhone, and iPad) to help end information overload and keep you focused on what’s most important in your inbox.

Today, we’re happy to announce that Astro is available in Public Beta on Android. Download it now and have a cleaner inbox in minutes.


Astro on Android with priority inbox, snooze, send later, archive, unsubscribe, reminders and a chatbot

A modern, intelligent email experience

Here’s a quick look at how it all works (and if you read our launch post, you’re ahead of the curve and can safely skip ahead!).

We want Astro to be the go-to tool for managing email. So, we built simple, intuitive, and feature-rich, email apps. You can start sending and receiving emails using your Gmail or Office 365 addresses right away. We offer Priority Inbox, Snooze, Send Later, Swipes, Email Reply Tracking, Mute, Unsubscribe, Customizable Notifications, multiple accounts in a unified inbox, and the list goes on (check out the full feature set here).

But we’ve also built something new to email—an AI-powered chatbot that declutters your inbox and helps you stay on top of important messages. Astrobot pulls insights and suggested actions from your email within 30 seconds of syncing your account, and continues to help you manage email throughout each day. These actions include unsubscribe from lists you never pay attention to, archive old messages, set up auto-filing of emails you move to folders manually, and reminders about questions and important emails we detect from your inbox.

No chatbot would be complete if you couldn’t ask it for help, so Astrobot is fully-prepared to help you set Personal Reminders, manage your VIP List, and scan your team’s shared contacts so that you can get an introduction to someone new. We could tell you more, but we encourage you to download our Astro and try it for yourself, Astrobot will meet you there.

Astro email app on Android and desktop with snooze, auto archive and chatbot features

Bringing Astro everywhere you check email

When we started building Astro over a year ago, we knew that we needed to come out of the gates with intelligent email apps on as many platforms as possible. Mobile-first won’t cut it, neither will desktop first. You check and respond to email multiple times a day, and we want to minimize this burden. Given this, we think a streamlined experience across all of your devices is essential. We first introduced Astro for Mac and on mobile for iOS users, knowing that we would bring the experience to Android shortly after.

That said, we didn’t want to just clone one mobile app onto another platform. We were committed from the start to building device-specific experiences and are excited to show you how Android has shaped up. Here are a couple of things we kept in mind when building our Android app, to make the experience feel great on whatever Android phone you choose:

  • Material Design: From the Floating Action Buttons for Astrobot, Compose, and Reply All, to the Folder and Account Drawer, Astro looks out of this world on Android.
  • Notifications: Once you read an email, we’ll remove that email push notification from your stream. (This is something we can only make possible on Android right now). We also provide support for Notifications on Android Wear.

For Windows users and people using other email services, we’re working to bring Astro to you as well so be sure to check back in for updates in the near future.

Before you go, a sneak peek at what’s next

After launching our first products in Public Beta last month, we’ve been learning a lot and working to perfect Astro. This last month of feedback has equipped us with a lot of insights, given us time to uncover and fix new bugs, add new features (like the highly-requested Email Tracking feature launched just last week) and finish building you a sleek, polished Android app from the ground up.

We’re excited to bring Astro to Android, and apply artificial intelligence to tools you use everyday, starting with email. We have big plans for integrations with tools like Amazon’s Alexa and other workplace tools and look forward to having you along for the ride (you can meet the Astro team, here).

Some things to expect in the near future from Astro:

  • Email Open Tracking on Android: Launching within the next week.
  • Astrobot showing up in new places to help you stay focused on the most important messages
  • Amazon Alexa integration: We’re excited about voice and conversational UI, and this is high on our list
  • Continuing to polish and add features to Astro’s email apps
  • Working on more team intelligence features
  • Continuing to add to the library of commands Astrobot: the more you ask Astrobot the smarter it gets.

In the meantime, we want your help in shaping the future of our apps, so please let us know what you think of the new Android app. Comment here👇 or email us at

Update 4/27/17: We made the final touches on Email Open Tracking a few days early, and this feature is now available on Android. Download the latest version of the app to try it out.

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