Send it and don’t forget it: Email Tracking is here

Since launching our public beta, our number one feature request has been…drum roll…Email Tracking. Specifically, the ability to track when a recipient opens an email. To answer the call, we’re excited to deliver Email Open Tracking, now available in the latest version of Astro on macOS, iPhone, and iPad. Select this option before sending an email, and we’ll send you a notification in Astrobot once the recipient opens the email.

Email open and reply tracker for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Open Tracking + Reply Tracking = Email TrackingAstrobot on iPhone shows opened emails and reply reminders

From day one, we’ve offered the ability to track replies in Astro (this feature was formerly known as follow-up reminders, for those of you following along with our progress). Reply Tracking allows you to pick a time when you need to hear back about an email, and then you’ll get a notification in Astrobot if you haven’t received a response by that time.

But, Open Tracking was definitely a missing piece in the Email Tracking puzzle. Knowing if an email’s been read is extremely helpful when sending an email into what often seems like a blackhole: your contact’s inbox. We hope that today’s addition of Open Tracking and our existing Reply Tracking feature help you better reach the person you’re trying to contact. (We also hope that you tell your friends that Astro not only helps you send better email, but also alleviates the “my inbox is a black hole” feeling.)

How to track opens

Before you send an email, select the “Track Opens” option at the bottom of the email, and send away. We’ll do the rest for you (because you deserve it 💌 ). Just look for a notification in Astrobot to let you know when the email has been opened, or check back on the email itself.

Open Tracking is now part of the line up of other Astro send options:

  • Send Later: Write an email at a time that works for you, schedule it to be sent at a time that works for the recipient.
  • Archive After Send: The email will go straight to your archive folder instead of your sent folder.
  • Reply Tracking: Pick a time when you expect (or desperately need) an email response back. Get a reminder in Astrobot if you didn’t get a response, so you can follow up—but we don’t recommend just sending the word “ping”, nobody likes that.
  • Open Tracking: The feature we added today! Get notified when an email is opened.

Email open tracker, reply tracker and scheduler on Mac and iOS


If you’re interested in tracking clicks in your email, while we don’t yet offer this, we do recommend using UTM codes or a link shortener that tracks clicks (like or as an easy solution.

While Email Tracking is helpful and important, privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us, so here’s a bit about how we implemented the feature: Like most email providers offering Email Tracking features, we use a 1×1 tracking pixel to track opens. We only include these when you select to track the email. The pixel does not track anything but an open from the recipient. We invite you to check out our privacy and security policies as well.

For more details about how to track opens and replies, check out our FAQ.

Don’t worry, it’s free

Astro is still entirely free. And since many of you have asked, when we launch a paid product, we still plan to keep basic Email Tracking (what we just launched) free. We also plan to continue to add smart ways for individuals and teams to keep track of the emails they send and receive.

More Astro updates coming soon…really soon. Let us know what other features you are hoping to see in Astro in the comments 👇, or send us an email at 📧.

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