Become a power-snoozer: Improve your email workflow with Snooze

It’s nearly impossible to respond to every email in your inbox in a timely manner. And if you read and respond to your emails chronologically, it’s easy to focus on the wrong email at the wrong time. At Astro, we’re here to help you focus on the right things at the right time.

We think the best way to get through your inbox is to start with Astro’s Priority Inbox. Instead of showing you everything in chronological order, we separate out your important emails. From there, we recommend using Snooze liberally—there’s a reason  it’s our default left swipe.

Snooze is an inbox secret weapon, but we don’t recommend Snoozing every email. Instead, we recommend quickly triaging your inbox to figure out what to respond to now, and Snoozing everything else. Think of your Snoozed folder as your to-do list and your Priority Inbox as your do-right-now list.

How to create a prioritized to-do list by Snoozing in Astro

  • Scroll through your inbox and Snooze: When you have a few minutes to check up on your email, go to Priority Inbox. Quickly move down the list of emails and determine what can get done now and what can wait.

  • Delete and archive, too:  Don’t just Snooze–take full advantage of other Swipes. If you are realistically never going to respond to an email or it doesn’t need a response, delete, archive, or move the email.
  • Pick times that work for you: If you have certain times of day or certain days you know you have availability to respond to email, customize your snooze times to match those times.

Customize snooze times

  • Respond to emails: Now respond to the emails left over in your Priority Inbox. If you have more time, go to your Snoozed folder to see your to-do list. See if you can get ahead of emails before they un-snooze.
  • Avoid the re-snooze: Snoozed emails will un-snooze and show up at the top of your inbox at the time you selected. You can always re-snooze, but we recommend you take care of the email at that time or archive it if it’s no longer important.
  • Try the 2 minute rule (optional):  If you are really time crunched, Snooze anything that takes more than 2 minutes to respond to.

Shortcut: On Mac, just type “Z” as in “Zzzz” to Snooze emails, or Swipe left on Mac, Android, and iOS.

Become a power-snoozer

Power-snoozing your alarm clock in the morning probably isn’t the best for productivity. But power-snoozing your inbox is just the opposite. Here are some suggestions for how to Snooze your way to an efficient email workflow:

  • Snooze sent emails: While we have Open Tracking and Reply Tracking features, some users prefer to Snooze emails after they’ve sent a reply. That way, they can remember to follow up on this email later. This is also useful if you forgot to select Reply Tracking before sending.
  • Snooze emails that have a work request: You may have responded to an email appropriately, but there’s more work to be done or more to think about related to the email. Even if you’ve responded, you can still Snooze the email, so you don’t forget the action item.
  • Try Snooze to Desktop: If you use Astro on mobile and Mac desktop, there’s an extra Snooze option you should try. If you’re on your phone and don’t have much time or need a larger screen to craft the right response or attach the right document, use Snooze to Desktop. When you get back to Astro for Mac, that email will show up at the top of your inbox.
  • Add reminders to your Snoozed Folder: You can also set reminders for yourself by asking Astrobot. These reminders will show up in your Snoozed folder until the time you’ve set. This way, you can see all of your to-do items (and emails) in one place. In your chat with Astrobot, type “Remind me to do X at X time.”

Snooze is essential

Snooze is one of those features we aren’t sure how we ever lived without. It is essential to prioritizing and staying focused while managing your inbox. If you aren’t snoozing, wake up! (Sorry, we had to make that joke once). We highly recommend you use it for a week every time you check your inbox—see if it sticks! We think you’ll never look back.

Have interesting ways of using Snooze? Let us know! We’re always looking for more email hacks.

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