Improving Astro with your help

As we continue to build Astro, feedback from you is essential. So in the past couple months, we’ve started sharing surveys with you to learn what you’re looking for in an intelligent email app, and what else you’d like AI to help you with. The nearly 1,000 survey responses we’ve received have been a huge help as we improve our apps and help content, and plan for the future.

If you haven’t completed one of our surveys and are an active user, we’d love for you to participate. If you haven’t used Astro in a while, we’d love for you to fill out this survey to find out why you left and what would make you come back too.

Here are some insights and learnings from these surveys and how we plan to incorporate your feedback.

Why do users download Astro?

We were especially interested to learn that 53% of survey responders downloaded Astro because they were excited about AI and/or Astrobot. To us, this means you see the potential of what AI can do for your inbox. We’re just getting started here and can’t wait to continue.

We also learned we have something in common with at least 31% of you*, we love trying out new email apps too. We built Astro because we didn’t think other apps really solved the problem of inbox overload, and we’re eager to continue creating an email app that helps you focus on what’s most important.



*Results from our survey of inactive Astro users.

Top requests

We want to make your inbox smarter, and you gave a lot of great suggestions for how we can achieve this. Some are simple and we’re tackling them (really) soon, and others will take a bit longer, but we’re excited to keep building. Beyond support for IMAP and other email addresses, here are some of the features you’re most eager to see:

1. Make Astrobot Smarter

You want Astrobot to do more, and we do, too. Whether it’s deleting all emails from a specific sender, providing better timed follow-up reminders, or adding a new command, you’re excited about the possibilities for Astrobot.

Good news: we’re working on this. While Zap and Reminders are great ask commands, we know we can enhance these and add new commands and insights to the mix. We know there’s also room for improvement on the NLP (natural language processing), so Astrobot recognizes more commands. We’ve also added more AI engineers to the team, and they are working hard to add functionality to Astro that keeps your inbox clean.


2. Help me with my calendar

You want to be able to use Astro as a one-stop shop for your workday, including being able to send, accept, and edit invitations. You want to see your calendar for the upcoming day, week, or month. We agree that calendar and email are the perfect pair, and we’re working on this, too.

Astro Calendar

3. Make printing possible

While we try to be paper free at Astro (we love whiteboards and taking notes in apps like Bear and Asana), we recognize that some of you need to print things out. So, ready your ink cartridges and load up the recycled paper–we just released printing for Mac!

4. Keep improving Astrobot Voice

Voice assistants are relatively new, and we are trying to pave the way for how they are used in the workplace. We were pleased that many of you are ready to manage your inbox with voice, so thanks for the encouragement, we plan to keep improving here.

Astrobot voice survey

5. Help me discover features

Many of you requested features that are already available, like editable signatures, Swipe options, adding trash to search results. We take the blame here. To help you discover our advanced features, we’re doing a few things:

  1. Creating more help videos. We have videos for customizing Swipes, unsubscribing from emails you don’t want, moving emails from Other Inbox to Priority Inbox and more.
  2. Sharing help content on social. We now share #HowToAstro tips and videos a couple times a week, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. The more you <3 them, the more we’ll share, so let us know if they’re helping you out.
  3. Updating Slack help content. We heard that you were getting too many notifications, so we wanted to make it clear how to limit notifications in Astro and Slack. We redid our help article for how to set up Astrobot in Slack, and made a video so you can see step-by-step instructions. We also heard that Slack conversations can clutter search results, and this article should help with that.
  4. Improving the onboarding experience. People like adding accounts and talking to Astrobot when they get started, but we want to add more more product tips when you first start using Astro. We’re actively working on this, too.

Thanks again

We’ve always known you were very helpful and invested in shaping the future of Astro, but we saw remarkably high open and click through rates for our surveys. For example, 84% of Windows survey recipients opened the email, and 71% clicked through to our survey (industry standard is closer to 20%). Our open and click through rates for our other surveys were nearly as high as that. We take this as a signal that you want to see Astro on more platforms, and we’re excited to deliver in the future.

Thanks for your survey feedback, and please keep your comments rolling in:

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