How to get to Inbox Zero with Astro

We aren’t going to tell you inbox zero is the best way to manage your inbox. In fact, our goal is a bit different—to help you focus on the one thing that’s most important in your inbox, right now. That means Astro helps you get unnecessary emails out of the way, receive fewer emails, and remove distractions.

So, whether you’re committed to hitting inbox zero as often as possible or just trying to make sure you’re on top of everything that’s important, Astro will help you master your inbox. Here are some ways to keep a cleaner inbox with Astro (with little effort):

Priority and Other Inbox

Astro prioritizes emails for you, so you don’t have have to do the heavy lifting to figure out what to focus on first.

Here’s how it works: Astro uses AI to sort your emails into Priority and Other Inboxes. Astro starts by taking signals from Gmail or Office 365’s categorization of what’s important, then we layer some special Astro magic on top to make sure we place emails in the right inbox. Astro learns over time where emails should go, based on emails you open, the sender, content, and if you’ve moved the message. So, if something doesn’t land in the right place, you can move it to Priority or Other and Astro will learn from this. Select the move icon, then choose “Move to Other Inbox”.

Priority Inbox Zero

We recommend checking Priority Inbox every time you open your inbox and turning on notifications for just Priority Inbox (more on that later). Then, check Other once a day to get through your email newsletters, see notifications from other tools, and glance through everything else. Then, if you’re trying to hit inbox zero, bulk archive everything in Other Inbox.


Since we don’t want you stuck on an email list you signed up for years ago, Astro gives you a few ways to unsubscribe.

Here are 3 ways to unsubscribe from emails in Astro:

  1. Emails from a subscription or mailing list have an unsubscribe option at the top.
  2. Astrobot gives you unsubscribe suggestions for emails you don’t open frequently. Just select unsubscribe, and we’ll make sure you don’t hear from that list again. Learn more.
  3. Type “Zap” to Astrobot to get unsubscribe suggestions. Do this a few times when you first start using Astro, and you’ll get fewer emails forever.


Astrobot makes unsubscribe and archive suggestions frequently, but if you prefer to clean things up in one fell swoop, we recommend typing “Zap”. You’ll get a batch of unsubscribe and archive suggestions. It’s likely to make you feel a little more on top of your inbox and can be a good way to start or end the week. 

Inbox zero zap


If you receive a lot of emails, not only is it hard to get through your inbox, but you likely also get distracted by notifications. With Astro, you can cut down on a lot of this noise by limiting notifications to just Priority or VIP emails in Settings. We also recommend customizing notification actions. If you find yourself snoozing a lot of emails for later, choose that as your Primary or Secondary action. If you’re trying to get to inbox zero, go with archive and delete. Other options include star and Mark as Read.

Inbox Zero Notifications

Swipe and Snooze

To quickly get through your inbox, swipe left to Snooze, and swipe right to archive. But you have more options than that–you can customize your swipes and choose from archive, delete, move, Mark as Read, Snooze, and star. You can even set up options for short and long swipes. So many options…in fact, 2401 options (we did the math).

If you want to do even more customization, get specific with your default Snooze times in Settings. For example, if you always Snooze emails until right before you head home, set up “tonight” for 5:30 PM.

Inbox Zero Swipes

How to keep a clean inbox (or get to inbox zero)

Here’s how we recommend making use of all of these Astro features to keep a tidier inbox—or get to inbox zero—and not miss anything important:

  • Check Priority Inbox every time you check your email
  • Check Other Inbox in the morning or evening
  • Check Astrobot suggestions once a day to make sure you aren’t missing any important emails and to act on archive, unsubscribe, and foldering suggestions
  • If you have a lot of old emails sitting in your inbox or haven’t followed up on Astrobot suggestions lately, type “Zap” to Astrobot to tidy up 
  • Customize Swipes, Snooze times, and notification actions to make sure you can get through your inbox quickly

How do you manage your inbox? Get to inbox zero? We’d love to hear more in the comments or send us an email, Facebook message, or Twitter DM with any feedback.

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