When to Share Emails from Astro to Slack

Share emails and attachments from the Astro app to a Slack channel or conversation

Earlier this month, we launched a deep integration with Slack. We hope you’ve had a chance to connect Astrobot with Slack to check it out.

There are 3 major features in our Slack integration:

  1. Share to Slack from Astro’s Email Apps
  2. Universal Search in Astro’s Email Apps
  3. Astrobot in Slack

We thought we’d break down how to use each one in a blog post. This way, you can find the workflow and features that are best for you. First up: Share to Slack from Astro’s Email Apps.

While you can set up your Priority or entire inbox to be auto-forwarded to Slack with our integration, that doesn’t help you in one-off situations where you may want to share an email with your team. Also, if you’re a heavier email user than Slack user, setting up Slack as your new inbox might result in too many notifications about email in Slack. This is where “Share to Slack” comes in.  Here are some common uses for “Share to Slack” that we’ve heard from you or tried out ourselves at Astro HQ:

1. Loop the right people in, right now

While we’ve tried to design threads in Astro to be easy on the eyes and simple to figure out, sometimes email threads just get out of control. Things get forwarded to new recipients, replying and replying all happens on the same thread, etc.

If you want to expand an email conversation to a larger group or, conversely, if you want to have a side conversation with just one person, share it to Slack to avoid the crazy threading.

Share emails to Slack to avoid long threads

2. Figure out next steps, without the back and forth

When an inbound request, support question, or message to a group email address comes in, it can be a bit confusing to know who will respond. Quickly figure out who’s on top of it in Slack and discuss a resolution.

3. Talk about an attachment in Slack

To have a conversation about a file before sending feedback, just share the email and select the “include attachment” box. This is particularly useful when working with contractors or vendors, who you don’t want to confuse with multiple responses from your team. Get everyone on your internal team on the same page in Slack, then share a concise response with the vendor in the original email.

If you use Slack for file organization, it might also make sense to share files to Slack from Astro’s Email Apps. That said, now that we’ve also added Universal Search across Slack and email, this might not be quite as necessary 🙂

Share email attachments to Slack members not on the email thread

4. Why was that sent as an email?

We’ve all thought this. A funny gif, a request from a teammate to grab coffee, an email that’s a subject line only, some things are just better suited for Slack. We get it. Move those emails to the right place by sharing to Slack, then start chatting.

How to share an email to Slack

  • In Astro’s Email Apps from Preferences on Mac or Settings on mobile, go to the Slack tab to connect.
  • When you connect, you will be able to “Share to Slack” any email you have ever received from that email address. You’ll see a Slack icon in the top right corner of your emails.
  • If you want to talk about that email in Slack or share an attachment to Slack, select the Slack icon. Then, choose to share it with a Slack Channel or in a Direct Message.
  • If you want to alert the email recipients that you’ve shared the email to Slack, check the “Notify” box. That way, the email recipients can join you for a quick conversation in Slack and there’s a record that the conversation continued in Slack. You can even customize your “Share” message, so the team knows why you moved the conversation.
  • Check out our help article or watch the video for more details:

Our goal is to help you focus on the most important messages, no matter where you get work done. Connecting our email apps to Slack is just the start, but we hope these ideas help you streamline some of your workflow and save you time—and some headaches—in the future.

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