Universal Search in Astro: Was that message in email or Slack?

In June, we launched a deep integration with Slack. We hope you’ve had a chance to connect Astro with Slack to check it out.

There are 3 major features in our Slack integration:

  1. Share to Slack from Astro’s Email Apps
  2. Universal Search in Astro’s Email Apps
  3. Astrobot in Slack

With Astro for Slack, search Slack messages and emails in one place

We’re breaking down how to use each feature here on the blog (you can learn more about Share to Slack here). In this post, we’ll talk about our vision for Universal Search, why we think it’s so important, and of course, how to use it.

Why Universal Search?

We’ve all been there—you know a message exists, but don’t remember where it is.

“If you’re looking for a thread in a few weeks time, you don’t need to remember whether it happened in email or if it happened in Slack. Just search in Astro and you’ll find it — no matter where it took place.”
Kent Goldman, Upside Partnership

“Astro’s search bar works with Slack, so if you can’t remember whether you had a convo with a coworker in Slack or via email (the answer is always the opposite of what you think it is) you can search both at once.”

Over the past few years, the number of communication and collaboration tools we use at work has increased. This often leads to more messages and distractions instead of fewer, and to the problem of remembering where things are. At Astro, we want to help end information overload and help you focus on what’s most important—and finding what you need quickly is a huge part of this.

We integrated with Slack because it’s become a must-have tool for teams and THE place for real-time team conversations. For many teams, Slack and email are both sources of truth. While some information lives in both places, most does not. This can cause frustration and waste time, so we built Universal Search.

Search Slack messages and emails on Astro's iOS app

In the future, we may add information and messages from other tools to Astro Search. We’ve also thought about how we can integrate search with Astrobot, so you can access our Universal Search features from anywhere you use Astrobot (Slack, Alexa, etc.). But that’s a topic for another day…

How it works

When you connect Astro and Slack, Universal Search will automatically be added to Astro’s Email Apps. You can connect by visiting Preferences in our Mac app, or Settings in iOS or Android, visiting our website, or visiting our listing in the Slack App Directory (we’re featured right now!)

Astrobot featured in Slack integration app store

Then, all you need to do is search:

  • Do a single search in the Astro search bar, and get results from Slack and email
  • Slack results are indicated by a green hashtag icon to the left of the email
  • For Slack results, click to “Open in Slack” at the top of the email to see the original message in Slack.
  • And, if you’re not convinced by this post that you want Universal Search, you can turn this feature off. Just deselect the box in Preferences or Settings.
  • Learn more in our Help Center.

We hope this makes working across Slack and email just a bit easier. Happy searching!

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