What’s New: Undo Send, iOS 11, Sounds, and More

Undo Send

Since everybody makes mistakes (and many of you requested it), we’re happy to release Undo Send. This feature is perfect when you realize that you sent an email too soon, see an embarrassing typo in a subject line, or have a brilliant thought 5 seconds after hitting send. We’ve got a handful of other send options you should also try out: Send Later, Open Tracking, Reply Tracking, and Archive after Send.

Here’s how Undo Send works:

  • After you hit send, you can undo send within 10 seconds.
  • Click or tap the colored banner in the center pane of Astro and your email won’t send.
  • After you Undo Send, your email will re-open so you can edit it. It will also be saved in drafts.
  • Undo Send is enabled by default in Settings > Compose. When Undo Send is enabled, all emails will wait in your Outbox before sending. Just turn off Undo Send if you don’t think you’ll use it and don’t want the send delay.

More new features…

Undo Send comes on the heels of releasing a few other highly requested features, like notification and send sounds, Pinned Folders on iOS, Signatures for Aliases (on Mac), and some enhancements big and small to Astrobot—Voice and weather forecasts. Here’s how they all work and when to use them.

Notification and send sounds on iOS and Android

We added literal bells and whistles (well, really swooshes) to our mobile apps.

  • Notifications now have a custom Astro sound you can choose instead of the default sound in Settings > Notifications > Sound.
  • We also added a sound for send (think rocket launch), you can turn this on or off in Settings > Compose > Play Sound on Send.

Customized Email Notifications

Pinned Folders on iOS and Mac

A favorite feature from Mac is now available on iOS: Pinned Folders.

  • Pin important folders to the top of your folder list in Settings > Account > Folders.
  • Pinned folders sync between our Mac and iOS app.
  • Pinned Folders on Android are coming soon.

Signatures for Aliases on Mac

If you have an Alias (not for espionage purposes, but for the purposes of auto-forwarding emails from one account to another), you can now add a custom signature for that email Alias on Mac.

  • To set up an Alias, go to Preferences > Accounts > Aliases > Edit Alias
  • Once you have an Alias set up, go to Preferences > Signatures and select the Alias
  • Then, select “Include by default” to make sure the signature is always added to emails sent from that Alias
  • Note: Signatures don’t sync across our apps, so this will not work on mobile. Want Alias signatures on mobile? Let us know at feedback@helloastro.com
  • Learn more in our Help Center

Astrobot Weather

Want to know the temperature right now? Astrobot is now part meteorologist and can tell you.

Astrobot Weather

Astrobot Voice on iOS and Android

You’ve probably heard (pun intended), that we launched Astrobot Voice a few weeks back.

  • To start using it, just tap the microphone icon once in Astrobot (or long press on Astrobot) and Astrobot will give you an inbox summary.
  • Then, manage your inbox, Snooze, Archive, Delete, or even reply to emails hands-free.
  • Learn more in our blog post

iOS 11

If you update your iPhone or iPad today to iOS 11, update Astro too. We also took advantage of iOS 11’s new drag and drop feature, which allows you to drag files between your emails and other apps on iPad.

That’s all for now. We’ll continue rolling out new features based on your requests, so add a comment below or send us an email at feedback@helloastro.com.

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