Calendar, side by side with email

Get a smart summary of your day, quickly add events, and see your upcoming meetings in beautiful, customizable views.

Clear views of what's coming up

With Agenda, Daily, and 3 Day views, you’ll always know what’s next. Plus, you can select which specific calendars from each account you want to display.

Editing and adding events is simple, and we have all the options you need, including recurring events, alert times and visibility settings.

Not just events, emails and reminders too

With Agenda View, Astro gives you a full picture of what’s happening that day. Snoozed emails, emails scheduled to send later, and Reminders set through Astrobot show up right on your calendar, which makes planning your day easier.


Ask Astrobot about your Calendar

Type “Add coffee with Elroy to my calendar tomorrow at 5 PM”,  “What’s on my calendar on Friday?”, or “When’s my next meeting with Fred?”

These commands even work in Slack, so you can create an event or get a quick glimpse of your day without leaving Slack. 

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Astrobot is also available in Slack and on Amazon Alexa.

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