Your inbox just got smarter

Know which emails are most important and easily get to inbox zero with Astro's AI-powered email and calendar apps.

Meet Astrobot

Know what to focus on and what to clean up

Astrobot’s AI-powered Insights remind you to follow up on important emails, questions, time-specific requests, and @mentions.

Plus, Astrobot makes suggestions about lists to unsubscribe from, emails to archive, and emails to move to folders.

Clean up your inbox on command

Astrobot responds to hundreds of commands that help you clean up your inbox, set reminders, learn to use Astro, and more. Just ask.

Astrobot also responds to voice commands, learn more.

A better way to manage your inbox

Swipe through your inbox

Customize Swipes to Snooze, Move, Archive, Mark as Read, Delete, and Star emails, so you can get through new emails quickly. You can swipe on Mac too.

Snooze times are also customizable, so you can quickly save emails for a time that works best for you.

Know what happens after you hit send

Track opens and Astrobot will send you a read receipt. Track replies if you need to hear back by a certain time.

Before you send, you can also schedule an email to Send Later—perfect for late night emails. And if you send an email before it’s ready, Astro has Undo Send too.

Manage your inbox from Slack or Alexa

Easily work across Slack and email

In Slack, read and respond to emails, and get reminders from Astrobot.

In Astro’s email apps, search for Slack messages and share any email or attachment directly to a Slack channel.

Learn more about Astro’s Slack integration

Manage your inbox with Amazon Alexa

Snooze, Delete, Archive, Star, or send Quick Replies to emails with just your voice on Amazon Alexa or in Astro’s mobile apps.

Managing your inbox from your Echo or Alexa-powered device is simple, just add the Astrobot Alexa Skill here.

Packed with features

Email Management

Priority Inbox

Know what to focus on with a separate inbox, powered by AI, for only your most important emails.

Snooze & Snooze to Desktop

Snooze emails to read later, or snooze emails on your phone until you’re back at your desk.


1-click unsubscribe on emails and Astrobot reminds you to unsubscribe from emails you never read.


When an email chain isn’t relevant, mute it to stop notifications.

Customizable Notifications

Get notified about important emails only to eliminate distractions.


Organize any way you want. Compatible with Gmail or Office 365 folders.

Unified Inbox

Work, personal, Gmail, and Office 365 emails all in one app.


Star emails and see favorites from Gmail or Office 365.


Quickly sort your inbox by unread, starred, VIP, attachments, or un-snoozed.

Compose & Send

Send Later

Write a message now and schedule it to be sent at exactly the right time.

Email Open Tracking

Know what happens after you hit send. Get notified when someone opens your email.

Reply Tracking

Astro lets you know when you haven’t heard back about important emails.

Undo Send

Realize you made a mistake? Retract an email within 10 seconds after hitting send.


Reference a teammate to automatically add them to the to: field and be sure they don’t miss the message.


Add files from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Quip, iCloud, or your computer.

Rich Text and Emoji

Astro meets all of your formatting and emoji needs. 🚀

Drag and Drop CC

Easily move recipients between to, cc, and bcc fields using drag and drop.


Customize and add signatures for each email account in Astro.


Agenda View

Get a list of the day’s events, including Snoozed emails, Scheduled emails, and Reminders.

Daily View

Get a visual view of your day, and see which meetings overlap. 3-day and weekly views are also available.

Unified Calendar View

View calendars from multiple accounts, or specific calendars from a single account.

Create & Edit Events

Add new events or edit existing ones. Set recipients, locations, reminders, privacy, and more.

Recurring Events

Set events to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

In-Line RSVP

Quickly reply to event invites with elegant event RSVP design.

Astrobot Insights

Important Email Reminders

Never miss a critical email again. Astrobot highlights emails identified as important.

Question Reminders

Astrobot reminds you of questions from your emails, so nothing important gets lost.

Time-Sensitive Requests

Astrobot identifies emails that contain a time-specific request or due date, so you can follow up on time.

Unsubscribe Suggestions

Astrobot learns how you treat emails, and prompts you about mailing lists you can unsubscribe from.

Archive & Move Suggestions

Smart email filtering: Astrobot learns how you treat emails and suggests emails to auto-archive and move to specific folders.

Mention Reminders

If someone using Astro @mentions you, you’ll see a notification in Astrobot Insights.

Ask Astrobot

Astrobot Voice

Manage your inbox by talking to Astrobot, without leaving our mobile apps.


Clean out inbox clutter. Ask Astrobot to unsubscribe, archive, mark as read, or delete emails on command.

Calendar Commands

Add events to your calendar using natural language, see what events are coming up, and search for events.

Personal Reminders

Astrobot makes you less forgetful. Set reminders quickly using natural language.

Manage VIPs

Add or remove contacts from your VIP list. Astrobot will also suggest VIP contacts in Insights.

Fun Commands

Roll the dice, flip a coin, get your fortune read, find out what to eat for lunch, and more.

Modern Experience


Swipe to Snooze, Archive, Delete, or Favorite messages on mobile and desktop.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate with keyboard shortcuts to manage your inbox in record time.

Mac Touch Bar

Manage your inbox from your Macbook Pro’s Touch Bar.


Office 365
Amazon Alexa
Google Drive
iCloud Drive

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