Connect your email with Slack

Manage your inbox from Slack and stay on top of important emails and events with Astrobot. Just add your Gmail or Office 365 account.

Manage your emails and calendar in Slack

Never miss an important email

Astrobot uses artificial intelligence to sort your inbox for you, just select Priority to only get your most important emails in Slack.

Plus, Astrobot sends reminders when important emails, questions, or time-sensitive requests come in.

Take action on emails in Slack

Read, snooze, archive, delete, reply, and send emails without going back to your email inbox.

You can also send quick emails using slash command, /email.

Check your calendar and add events

Ask Astrobot about your upcoming events. Just say, “What’s on my calendar today?” or “When’s my next meeting with Elroy?”

Create basic events too, like “Add Coffee on Jupiter on Friday at 3”

Connect Astro's email apps with Slack

Share emails to Slack from Astro's email apps

Sometimes you’d rather chat about an email in Slack–and Astro makes this easy.

Whether you want to gain consensus before sending a response, chat about feedback, or share an important email with a channel, it only takes a few clicks.

Download Astro’s email apps

Do a single search across Slack and email

Can’t remember if a message is in Slack or email? Try universal search in Astro’s email apps and get results from both Slack and email. Just click to go directly to the message in Slack.

Download Astro’s email apps

Astro is FREE for People and Teams

Download Astro’s Email and Calendar App available on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android.

Astrobot is also available in Slack and on Amazon Alexa.

Please add your email address to connect Astrobot with Slack

How it works

  • Please add an individual account. Astro for Slack isn’t intended for team or group email addresses at this time.
  • After adding an email, you’ll authorize Slack and choose the Slack Team where you’d like to add Astrobot.
  • If you are also using Astro’s Email Apps, connecting Slack using the same email address will automatically add Universal Search and Email Sharing capabilities to your Astro apps.
  • Learn more in our FAQ


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